1884 Wine and Tapas Bar- Restaurant Review

On a sunny Valentines day, we ended up in Hull, City of Culture 2017.  Not knowing what to expect, we wandered around the city centre looking for somewhere for lunch.  Often its best to consult the locals so we put a Tweet out asking for any recommendations.  Thankfully @hattiegogardens replied and suggested a range of places including 1884. Typing this into Google,  we found that 1884 Tapas was about 5 minutes away, located in the Marina… sounded promising!

On arrival we were the first ones there and ordered a couple of drinks,  neither of us were drinking alcohol so I had a ginger ale and Em asked if they did any mocktails.  The very friendly waiter said “absolutely” and checked Em liked strawberries.

The restaurant looks great inside,  smart enough that you feel you are out for a special dinner but relaxed enough that you felt you could talk and enjoy yourself.

At this point, I do have a confession to make,  I have never been a fan of tapas.  Every time I have previously had them, everything has just been a disappointment.  It has always been something I have I have wanted to like but always feel so underwhelmed.  I suppose the UK market was not helped by La Tasca being found on every high street.  At university, a group of us ate at one for research purposes and we ordered one of every dish on the menu.  We did feel sorry for the chef at the time, but when it arrived the whole table was just covered in brown dishes filled with brown food which all just tasted salty and lots of paprika.  It was terrible.

The waitress at 1884 advised us to go with 3-4 dishes each so we studied the menu and went for:

Pablos plato (Manchego cheese, Iberico ham, olive tapenade, Sea Salt bread, roasted red peppers and padron peppers)

Patatas Bravas

Gambas Pil Pil

Suprema de Pollo

Estofado Carne


What a difference it makes when the chef puts some love into the food and uses great ingredients.  Every dish was so enjoyable and everything was seasoned well to allow the produce to be the star.  The chicken was so tender and juicy where it would have been so easy to over cook it.


This really was a great Valentines meal and so great to see cuisines that are so often thrown together without any thought really given the attention they deserve.  We have also since started buying the odd bit from the Spanish stall on the local market and even the “cheap” cooking chorizo is so much better than anything found in the supermarket.  We will definitely be looking for more Tapas places to visit so any suggestions, just let us know!


Freedom Quay

Wellington Street

West Marina




Phone number: 01482 216306

Website: http://www.1884wineandtapasbar.co.uk/



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