Smoke Barbecue- Restaurant Review


We have eaten at Smoke Barbecue about 5 times in the past year and, each time, its never failed to disappoint. With 3 restaurants across the country, in Sheffield, Leeds and Glasgow they know what they do well and stick to it. Be warned now, this is not somewhere for vegetarians or those with small appetites!

As soon as you walk in, you get the feeling this is a place to have a fun meal, no quiet, deep and meaningful conversations here, its about sharing some food and drink and enjoying each others company. There was five of us eating this time and we ordered, as per usual, plenty of food. From beef brisket, chilli, pork chops and hot wings we covered most meat types, all were served with their twice cooked chips and a side. The slaws were both good, the mac and cheese was great, only slight disappointment were the onion strings which were a bit bland and oily.  It is also worth highlighting how good the chips are.  Chips are so often over looked and seen simply as a side to be produced without care or thought, it is good to see that this place has put a bit of love into the humble fry.

An hour later and most of the food had been eaten. This was the first time trying the pork chops and for a cut that is so often associated with being dry, they were a real surprise. Good smokey flavour without masking the taste of a great pork chop.  The cooking method also meant that the fat was wonderful and soft. There was no rush to leave, so we all continued to pick at the remains but we finally admitted defeat.


If you are in Sheffield (or anywhere nearby) we really would recommend eating at Smoke Barbecue, there’s parking in the multi storey above the restaurant and a meal for 5 (with a very generous 20% off voucher) came to just over £100. Pretty sure you could never be disappointed. On previous visits we have also tried the S’mores for dessert, usually shared between two, and for those with a sweet tooth, it’s definitely a good ending to the meal.


Address: St Paul’s Place
Sheffield  S1 2NB


Telephone number: 0114 331 0331


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