Eve Kitchen

The main reason we were on Sharrow Vale Road in Sheffield (see the beef & ale cobbler post) was to get some doughnuts from Eve Kitchen. Selling freshly made doughnuts and hot drinks, they make a few different flavours each day and then, when they sell out, they close.  Would be very surprised if they often stay open past lunchtime!

We bought a doughnut each and a couple of us ordered drinks to take out.  Their coffee was just how we like it, strong and rich, so if you prefer a milder drink make sure you tell them! The flavours of doughnuts available were:

  • Chocolate and pistachio
  • White chocolate and matcha tea
  • Chocolate with espresso glaze
  • Rhubarb cheesecake
  • Sugared ring doughnut
  • Lemon meringue pie

Between the 5 of us, we tried the pistachio and chocolate, matcha and white chocolate and the rhubarb cheesecake.  The doughnut itself was perfect.  Light, with great flavour showing properly made dough.  For 5 minutes, the only sounds were of eating and a variety of differently pitched “mmm”s. Nothing should be more flattering to a good baker than subconscious noises that aren’t thought about or considered, but just happen. Maybe instead of writing reviews and ratings we should simply record the noises we make!


We love an independent bakery, especially those that specialise in one particular product, so let us know on Twitter or by email of any recommendations.

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