The Halal Guys- Review

Halal Guys

One of our favourite spots to eat in New York last time was The Halal Guys and we pretty much booked our last trip due to craving their food, which makes it the most expensive meal we have ever eaten! Founded in 1990 and operating from a hot dog cart, The Halal Guys have grown to have carts across the US and are starting overseas as well.

With various spots across Manhattan, it is quite easy to find (we always go to one of the carts on 53rd either on 6th or 7th Ave. Be careful though, their success has led to many other carts offering Halal food and also using the same red and yellow colours. Look out for their name and their tag of “we are different”.

We always go for their combo plate, at $7 its a bargain lunch and if you are trying to cram in eating at different places, you could easily share one plate between two.

Consisting of chicken, lamb, rice and lettuce with a couple of pieces of pitta it sounds quite simple and really it is. But each part is so good and works so well together. The rice is bright orange from being cooked in a good amount of oil and spices, the lamb and chicken (mainly leg meat, so not dry at all) both coated in middle eastern flavours and the iceberg lettuce adds a bit of freshness.  Now the real secret to the dish are the two sauces you are given in individual sachets to add on to your own taste. Firstly the white sauce (think mayonnaise and yoghurt with some flavours added in) in a large sachet and we would recommend putting plenty on.  The other sauce is the hot sauce, in a smaller red sachet. The first time we ate Halal guys, we had read up about the hot sauce and so we were very sparing with it. This time we got cocky and put on almost the whole sachet each… what a mistake. Sitting on the sidewalk (footpath) with your eyes streaming and your nose running is not a good look. Its also not a quick heat that disappears… its definitely a lingerer!
We will definitely be eating Halal Guys again but will definitely show more restraint when using the hot sauce in the future!

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