Baohaus- Review

On our first full day in New York, we had walked down from midtown to Greenwich Village and after a coffee and wander round the various shops we decided we needed some lunch. One of the places we had read about was Baohaus, a well known spot owned by Eddie Huang on 14th between 2nd and 3rd Avenue. Specialising in Taiwanese “bao”, savoury steamed buns, from the outside its not much to look at, in fact we almost walked off to find somewhere else. Once you get in the door, it feels every bit the Hip Hop joint its sold as. Old school tunes playing, various stickers all over the walls with maybe 10 stools to sit on. Ordering is simple with the limited menu (in no way a bad thing) so we went with one each of the Chairman Bao (Pork belly, relish, peanuts and coriander) the Birdhaus Bao (fried chicken with aioli, peanuts and coriander) and finally Fried Fish Bao (fried fish, lemon coleslaw, fried garlic and peanuts and coriander)

None disappointed, the slightly sweet, light bao providing the perfect balance against the filling. Each offered the same Asian flavours but with the pork offering a rich, fatty savoury flavour, the chicken was crispy with strong garlic flavours and the fish was the highlight. Like a great fish taco, the fish was perfectly cooked, flakey yet meaty with plenty of citrus and ending with some chilli heat. The Chairman Bao is the iconic dish based on the traditional pork Bao, however we would strongly recommend people also try the fish as it just ticked so many boxes.

Will we go to Baohaus again? Definitely. It’s worth the walk and the size of the dishes mean it allows you to pop in, have a couple and then head into China Town to look around the shops and other great eateries.

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