Pancake Day 2018

So for those who keep up to date with our Instagram will have noticed that pancakes are definitely not a once a year treat in our household!  For a weekend breakfasts they are hard to beat, quick to make, filling and can also make extras for later in the week. Now the debate between American style pancakes and traditional British pancakes always divides people.  We have a lot of love for both styles but for a family breakfast, American pancakes win every time.  We tend to do smaller sized ones which lets you do a few at a time in the pan. The best pancake recipe comes from New York Cult Recipes by Marc Grossman.  Its a brilliant book and the pancake recipe has never let me down.  However I have adapted it recently just to add some extra "healthy" goodness to them and it hasn't had any negative effects! For those who haven't heard of Huel, its a nutritionally balanced, powdered food.  Sounds terrible, but actually its very useful to have about the house.  Its not a ...

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